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HyperStake is an advanced crypto currency that provides generous rewards to users for securing the blockchain. HyperStake focuses on being the leading Proof of Stake currency, with advanced user customizable staking parameters and a secure, time-proven, blockchain.

  • HYP
  • 0.00000091 BTC (24h)
  • 0.002059 USD
  • 0.001832 EUR

Why HyperStake?

HyperStake aims to be the best cryptocurrency to use for long term value storage. Generous rewards are given to holders using Proof of Stake minting. Minting rewards help ensure that your cryptocurrency is being put to work instead of laying dormant. Advanced staking tools within the wallet allow users to have complete control over their staking strategy and ability to maximize rewards. HyperStake has the most advanced wallet and tools for staking available anywhere. The ultimate goal of HyperStake is to become the #1 coin within the Proof of Stake category. A stage of aggressive development of HyperStake has begun and the quest to become the most notorious Proof of Stake coin continues!

Technical details

  • Secured using Proof of Stake
  • 90 Second Block Time
  • 1 MB Block Size
  • 8.8 Day Maturity Period
  • Typical Stake Reward: 1,000 HYP
  • Recommended 'Block' Size 15,000-20,000 HYP


Download our wallets available for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Raspberry Pi or build it from source. HyperStake open source and available on Github.


    Block Explorer - The block explorer provides a convenient way to search for transactions, blocks, and address balances without downloading any software.

    Bootstrap - HyperStrap is a free service that provides a bootstrap file containing the raw HyperStake blockchain data. The bootstrap is automatically updated every hour and is a quick and convenient way to sync your HyperStake software.

    Getting Started Video Guide - View the official HyperStake wallet setup video guide on YouTube! A Video is worth one million pictures.. and a picture is worth one thousand words. Do the math.



HYP is currently available for trading on Cryptopia, Bitcoin Thailand, and CoinExchange.

Want to know when it will be available in other exchanges? Please drop us a message in our Slack or Email.


Join our growing and enthusiastic community that believe and support the project. Together we are stronger.