Frequently Asked Questions

Many new Hypsters have questions on how to get started, maximizing stake rewards, or are looking for tips. We've rounded up the most frequently asked questions for you here!

"How do I get started with HyperStake?"

For general guidelines and steps on how to get started, refer to our written and/or video guide below.

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Check out our "Getting Started with HyperStake Guide" here!

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"What is the current stake reward?""

⏵ The current annual reward is 34%

"What is the number of HYP rewarded per stake?"

⏵ Successfully staking blocks will result in an additional 1000 HYP. For example, if a block of of 11k successfully stakes, you will have a total of 12,000 HYP.

11k + 1k = 12k

"I just bought some HyperStake and my coins aren't staking yet."

⏵ Currently, HyperStake has a 9 day cool down period. This means that stakers must wait 9 days before the block of coins is eligible for staking. The latest HyperStake wallet should autosync after nine days. If you haven't updated your wallet, restart your wallet once your block reaches 9 days and unlock POS staking (in tools) to start staking for rewards.

⏵ Once a block stakes, it will reset and not be eligible for staking for another 9 days. Therefore, some people find that having multiple stakes helps to maximize potential rewards.

"My block of 25,000 HYP split into two different blocks automatically. Should I keep it this way? How do I stop blocks from autosplitting?"

⏵ You are able to control why and if your stakes split. In the "coin controls" section, you can set your "stakes split threshold" to a higher number, such as 999,999 (as long as your blocks are less than your designated number) to prevent blocks from autosplitting.

⏵ Many people find that splitting your blocks can help to maximize rewards. As blocks have a 9 day cool down period, having multiple smaller blocks can help to increase your chances of successfully staking. For example, if you have 500k coins and you receive a block reward of 1000 HYP, you will end up with 501k.

500k + 1k = 501k

If you split your original 500k HYP into 50 blocks of 10k, you have the potential to receive an additional 50,000 HYP, totaling 550k HYP.

50 blocks x 1000 HYP = 50k HYP
500k + 50k = 550k

"I split my 10k block into two, 5k each, but neither has been successful in staking yet."

⏵ Many Hypsters have had the most luck with successfully staking blocks that are between 15k and 20k. As HyperStake's system is designed to reward coin blocks that are older and larger, blocks of 5k may be too small to successfully stake. In general, the more HYP you have increases the likelihood and rate of successfully staking. However, there is a balance of block size and number of blocks you have. It is up to you to determine your staking strategy, whether you want more blocks of smaller amounts, or fewer blocks of larger amounts.

"How long does it usually take to get the first reward?"

⏵ If your block is eliglble for staking (after the cool down period of 9 days), you can check the approximate time to stake in "coin control".

"Do I have to have the wallet open at all times?"

⏵ Generally, most people have the most success for staking when the wallet is open 24/7. The older the wallet, the more likely stakes are to successfully stake.