Voting System

Many of today's most popular digital currencies have competing factions and opinion groups within the currency's ecosystem and have no easy way to decide which group's opinion should be implemented. HyperStake seeks to solve this probelm with an immutable voting system, which is accessible to any user that actively stakes.

A proposal is submitted by a user or group of users surrounding an identified issue. The proposal includes a name, description, up to four options to vote on, and a timeframe for which the voting period is active. This proposal transaction is added to the blockchain and is able to be permanently accessed and viewed.

Votes are submitted within the newly created block. Stakers who have the most to gain or lose from important decisions about HyperStake will be those with the largest sway on the overall vote.

Parameter Voting

Users may also vote on dynamic coin parameters including block rewards, block spacing, cool down period and maximum block size. However, voting on coin parameters is not done via proposals. Instead, items that are being voted on are directly coded into the HyperStake core. The parsing of the coin parameters votes is done automatically by the HyperStake core and is part of the ruleset and specification for the network.

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